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Hiatus Over!

  • Nov. 23rd, 2008 at 3:57 PM

Hiatus Over!

I'm back! Geek.kon 2008 was another success with attendance at 1,144. In an unexpected twist we had as many furries attend as Sci-Fi fans! I wonder if this means the furry fandom is making a come back? I've got a new webcomic up called Miss Popular. Well, it's actually something I did back in high school. It started out as a doodle in my psychology class notebook and wound up being 110 pages long. So far I've only got the first eight pages up, and I'm working on digitally lettering the next fifteen pages.

Since I've been doing more digital artwork, I'm more wary of downloading anime considering how much space it takes up. I've also given up on gaming for now, as it eats up time I'd rather spend doing art and watching anime. I have to say, though, from my brief time as a gamer, I've come to prefer PC gaming over console. I might start up again, especially in light of Gaia Online getting it's free MMO up and running, although it runs a bit choppy on my computer. I've restarted my Netflix account and have found a lot anime streaming sites. Netflix is especially great since it offers many titles I can't seem to find anywhere, or have forgotten about. You know, all those late 80's early 90's OVA's that focus on the apocalypse and bloody ninja battles. To wit, I've found an abundant supply of man-ame